The Town House Marbella-from a small pension to an Old Luxury Boutique Hotel


In this special hotel story, the owners talk about acquiring and taking the responsibility of managing and converting a very nice and elegant town house in one of the best locations in Marbella, its Old Town into a spectacular boutique property. The Town House features now a brand new lounge and all day open bar and terrace, a refurbished private resident’s only rooftop terrace, refurbished and unique decorated 10 rooms and many amenities added for an improved guest comfort. The new business approach also incorporates a new personalized customer orientation and a personal touch of guest interaction.

Marbella, Spain is a popular destination for luxury, high end resorts lovers, a destination which challenges hoteliers on daily basis hence the struggle for every business to offer a whole, unique and customized experience for travellers.

The Town House has evolved from a challenging, exciting project to a small old school luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Old Town Marbella, surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops.

The new owners came with a fresh and “think differently” approach for this business, permanently evaluating the constantly changing market and travellers expectations in order to be able to adapt.

Even if usually there is a strong resistance to change especially from staff, from the “this is the way others do it” mentality, the owners strive to offer new experiences through personalization, interaction and passion to their guests. Hospitality is a people’s business.

Also, the communication with the B2B industry is of high importance.

In Tripadvisor, The Town House has 4.5 out of 5 stars. The hotel won the Certificate of Excellence 2018 and Cenrtificate of Fame. In The Town House is 9.1 out of 10. The property also won the Winner Award. To achieve this, everything, all efforts make a huge difference. The great location, the cleanliness of the rooms, the level of service, the staff’s ability to offer a great attention to detail, the quality, the value, the facilities everything combines and makes travellers offer great ratings.

Looking forward to be welcoming our guest for a new and exciting season in 2019!

The Town House

C/Alderete 7, Marbella, Spain

[email protected]

+34 952. 90.17.91


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