Conseils d’experts : comment bien conserver son parfum chez soi et sur soi ?


Long-term durability: basic rules to follow

Preserving your perfume longer is anybody's wish in order to preserve this fine and precious scent, for its first use until its last. The perfume contains aromatic and essential oils which can transform if we don’t take care of them. Yet, a well-preserved perfume has a lifetime of a many years!

Here are a few rules to follow:

  • Avoid direct contact with the Sun and light and favor a dark place, especially if the bottle is transparent (you can keep the bottle in its case)
  • Avoid keeping it in a place too hot which is likely to disrupt the chemical equilibrium of the formula
  • Do not put it in a refrigerator, which would create temperature changes too frequent, and favor room temperature
  • Choose a dry room, such as a bedroom, to restrict humidity (avoid the bathroom!)
  • Check that the bottle is tightly closed and open it only when you use it to avoid oxidization
  • Do not shake your perfume bottle before using it
  • Favor small bottles for your travels, this prevents leaks and limits the risks of breaking it; for plane travels, you will then be able to put your perfume bottle in your hand baggage

All our perfumes, waters and eaux de toilettes have a 3 yearlong usage optimal date after the first opening.

How to apply correctly your perfume and find the right amount?

Long-term efficacy: knowing the good tips

The perfume is a part of our personality, of our identity and reveals ourselves through our senses. Some people even stay in mind thanks to the perfume they wear and the trail they leave behind them, like a full-blown personality trait. So how can we make sure that the perfume lasts all day long? Here are a few solutions.

First, perfume is made to be applied on the skin and a few places must be favored. The pulse points are hotter which is especially appreciated by the perfume which will then release more aromatic particles. We think particularly of the neck, the nape, the lower part of the ears, the cleavage, the bellybutton… but also the wrists or the elbows. One spray on each point is enough. Even though they carry less the perfume, the hair can be sprayed too.

You should know that the perfume fades more quickly when the skin is dry, so don’t hesitate to moisturize your skin before wearing perfume.

« Perfume the places where you would like to be kissed »,
Coco Chanel

Regarding the clothing, better be cautious. For example, the synthetic materials don’t reproduce well the aromatic hints of a perfume. Natural materials are more likely to a long-term efficacy (cotton, wool, linen…) but beware of stains which could appear particularly on silk. Better avoid spraying jewels too.

Another tip, you can spray the air around you and let the perfume fall onto you. A technique that allows to control the amount because to keep the elegance of this product so refined, the golden rule is to not overdo it. An odor too strong could have the opposite effect, while a subtle smell is a sign of refinement.

As we have seen in a previous article, the efficacy of the fragrance will also be determined by the concentration, the perfume being the most intense.


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